Exclusive extract from Book II

A sneak peak at The Guild of Gatekeepers Book II, The Puppeteer.

‘Bridget, what is it?’ I cried. On the floor of the studio, her easel and canvas lay in a pool of water, the source of which was evidently the broken glass water jar. In the midst of it knelt Bridget, her face ashy pale. On the staircase behind us, quick footsteps approached, and a second later George appeared at the door.
‘What has happened? Are you hurt?’ He looked from Eliza to me and then to Bridget.
Bridget shook her head. ‘I am not hurt,’ she replied, her voice quaking. ‘The cat knocked over the easel and my water jar.’
‘Oh your painting!’ cried Eliza. ‘Is it ruined? Can it not be restored?’
Bridget shook her head. ‘No, no, the painting is not my concern, there is little damage, and it can be restored, but come and see.’
She beckoned us closer and pointed to the centre of the painting and the figure of George I had noted earlier. The toppled water jar had splashed across it, almost erasing George entirely, though the surrounding scene was curiously untouched. I had to admit, it was uncanny.
‘’Tis an omen,’ Bridget said. ‘I am afraid, George. Please, I beg you, don’t go to the tournament. I fear evil will befall you there.’
George smiled and lifted the canvas and toppled easel and returned them to their places. ‘It was an accident, nothing more,’ he reassured her. ‘Now where is that confounded cat? I will speak to the Coquinarian and see that he keeps it out of mischief, or else he will have to shut it in the kitchens. Pray don’t be afraid, Bridget. You have no need to fear for me or anyone else at the tournament.’
Bridget shook her head. ‘My instincts are never wrong, George. ‘Tis an omen.’

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